COVID-19 and PPP Loan Forgiveness Update

Actualización sobre COVID-19 y el Programa de Protección de Nóminas

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Dr. Maria Coimbra believes family practice medicine is the foundation of health care. She founded Coimbra Family Medical Center in McAllen six months ago, after witnessing the downside of corporate medicine, which pairs financial objectives with clinical considerations.

“I saw patients going to emergency rooms for coughs and congestion,” says Dr. Coimbra. “They ended up with a long list of unnecessary laboratory and imaging exams only to be told they couldn’t find anything life threatening. Patients need someone who listens, someone who has compassion, not just a two-hour ER visit with a full battery of examinations.”

Dr. Coimbra believes her new practice can serve as a model clinic where efficiency meets knowledge. Her vision is to grow the practice to several locations, giving patients access to health care with extended hours to accommodate working families. But in order to launch her dream, she first needed financing, and for that she turned to Vantage Bank Texas.

“Loan officer Michelle Lea Zamora provided me all the information and means to get where I wanted to be,” says Dr. Coimbra. “She is a dedicated professional that fights for her clients as strongly as I do for my patients and she believes in what she does. Vantage Bank Texas helped me to accomplish my vision by providing a $250,000 loan in a timely and efficient way. Right now, it’s my 7th month and we have seen over 4,000 patients.”

Dr. Coimbra came to the Rio Grande Valley from Brazil in 2005 to finish her medical residency. She intended the move to be only temporary, but after getting her visa, she decided to make the Valley her permanent home and that Vantage Bank Texas would be her permanent bank.

“I love the mix of cultures here,” says Dr. Coimbra. “And I love watching my patients and their families grow. I want to leave a legacy that puts patients and their care first. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Vantage Bank Texas for years to come and I strongly recommend Vantage Bank Texas to any health care professional who shares my vision of better care for their patients.”