COVID-19 and PPP Loan Forgiveness Update

Actualización sobre COVID-19 y el Programa de Protección de Nóminas

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Core Values Web Banner

Why the Core Values of a Business Must Be the Core Values of the Owner

Understanding your Core Values is a fundamental necessity to success in business ownership. But when I initially broach the subject with a business owner, I invariably get one of these two reactions: "Oh, here we go again, Core Values,...
Foreign Exchange And Pens On Top Of Papers

Keeping Foreign Exchange Simple With Vantage Bank Texas

Foreign exchange is a crucial part of the financial industry. Exchanges happen on a large scale every day, both by individual consumers and large corporations. Because there is no one, centralized location or hub for the foreign exchange...
Wallet With  Mexican Pesos

US Banking Solutions for Foreign Nationals

Vantage Bank Texas simplifies banking for foreign nationals by offering a range of services for both personal and business needs. We especially work with Mexican nationals, who travel frequently across the border, with a full range of...
Grow Your Mc Allen Business With These 6 Strategies

Grow Your McAllen Business With These 6 Strategies

McAllen is a wonderful place to start a business. It plays a significant role in both the state's economy and cross-border trading with Mexico. As McAllen continues to grow from a rural to a metropolitan area, small and large...
Wendell Cury Optimized

My Forever Bank

Wendell Curry still has the original green, zippered bag he was given when he opened his first account with Vantage Bank Texas in 1985. “I have been with Vantage Bank Texas since day one,” said Curry. “I was in line when they opened...
Mr Spammer

The Perfect Partner for My Business

With 25 years of experience in the import/export industry, Joaquin Spamer knows the value of getting things done and getting them done on time. “Our policies and procedures ease the process of importing and exporting goods between the US...
Dr Coimbra

A Bank that Helps Build a Legacy

Dr. Maria Coimbra believes family practice medicine is the foundation of health care. She founded Coimbra Family Medical Center in McAllen six months ago, after witnessing the downside of corporate medicine, which pairs financial objectives...
Harjinder Signh

Financing A Vision

“Success is not a state of being – it is a continuous process fueled by ambition and diligence.” That business philosophy has been Harjinder Singh's guiding principle ever since he came to the Rio Grande Valley from northern India 30...