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According to a recent survey from Varo Money company, 30% of adults describe themselves as being "constantly stressed" about their financial situation, with 85% being "sometimes" stressed. However, despite the typical adult being so concerned about their finances, more than 60% don't seek financial advice, according to ThinkAdvisor.

If you are looking to improve your finances this year, there are plenty of places to learn how. You can always get help from a professional financial advisor, but if you want to start with research first, turn to the Internet.

Below are 19 financial blogs that could help you on your journey to better finances.

1)Get Rich Slowly


Get Rich Slowly is a personal finance blog developed by J.D Roth in 2006. The Get Rich Slowly blog supports those that want to eliminate debt, save money and invest through tried-and-true methods. As the name of the blog implies, you won't find get rich quick schemes here.

2)Wise Bread


If you could live large on a small budget, would you? Wise Bread aims to help people get their finances under control and learn to live a more frugal life.

Unlike other "frugal living" blogs, Wise Bread doesn't go to the extreme. Instead, they promote smarter financial control so you can still live the life you want, without negative effects on your bank account.

3)Money Crashers


Money Crashers is a blog community for people that want to expand their knowledge of credit and debit card use, the basics of investing, delving into real estate, choosing insurance and more.

Their goal is for their readers to live by their 11 Money Crashers Principles, so they can live a more financially independent and secure life.

4)20 Something Finance


20 Something Finance was named "one of the 10 best personal finance blogs" by famed Kiplinger Magazine. This blog was founded by G.E. Miller, who went from crippling debt and no savings to being able to save nearly 85% of his income and living debt-free.

It is a wonderful place to learn how to be financially responsible, regardless of whether you are in your 20s or your 60s.

5)Consumerism Commentary


Consumerism Commentary offers simplified advice on caring for day-to-day finances. They offer information on credit cards, banking, investing, insurance, mortgages and more.

This blog also does a number of different reviews and comparison on banks, credit cards, and investment accounts. Although the writing is not as personal as other blogs, it’s a great source of information free of frills.

6)Len Penzo


At first glance, Len Penzo looks like a personal blog, but delve a little further and you will see why this personal finance blog was honored by Kiplinger twice. This is an entertaining, personable blog that manages to deliver serious, valuable advice in a fun way.

If you like blogs that makes it feel like you are getting advice from a knowledgeable friend, you will love this one.

7)The Simple Dollar


The Simple Dollar is a website that has taken a more simplistic approach to teaching people about personal finance. This blog was founded in 2009 by Trent Hamm as he pursued his own goal of finally getting out of debt.

Today, The Simple Dollar is a top personal finance blog that receives over a million visitors every month.

8)Nerd Wallet


Nerd Wallet had a humble beginning but is now a top personal finance company. In fact, you might have even seen commercials for their services on television.

Nerd Wallet offers customized advice to their members, but their blog also offers a ton of knowledge. This is an excellent website that should definitely be on the top of your list to visit.

9)A Wealth of Common Sense


A Wealth of Common Sense is owned by Ben Carlson, a CFA that has firsthand expertise and education in finance. Carlson has written numerous books and has been honored as a top financial advisor by Investment News.

His blog offers guidance to anyone who wants professional insight into how they can improve their financial portfolio.

10)LifeHacker's Two Cents


LifeHacker is a popular website that offers life tips, but their Two Cents blog is great for people that need financial advice with their upbeat, casual tone.

They educate readers on personal finance and also update them on current affairs relating to finance and business.

11)The Penny Hoarder


The Penny Hoarder is one of the biggest personal finance websites out there, with about 15 million monthly visitors and 1.2 million email subscribers. They have also been named the #1 fastest growing private media company by INC 5000.

This blog does a superb job of helping people improve their lives by getting their finances under control. If you want to enjoy life more and worry about money less, check out this website.

12)The Financial Diet


The Financial Diet is a blog aimed mostly at women, particularly those between the age of 20 and 35. This blog is loaded with useful information on how to save money, pay off debt and live more within your means.

13)Money Under 30


Money Under 30 is another blog aimed at a younger audience, yet its practical advice can apply to anyone. Those that are starting over financially will find Money Under 30 to be a treasure trove of information on everything from choosing a credit card with no or bad credit history to how to get the best deal while negotiating on a car.

14)Retire by 40


Retiring early could very well be possible for you, and the Retire by 40 blog is here to help. Retire by 40 was founded in 2010 by Joe Udo, who left his job as an engineer to become a stay-at-home dad and blogger.

If retiring early interests you, this blog will educate you on the possibilities.

15)Millennial Boss


Millennial Boss is a lifestyle meets personal finance blog. This blog was founded by J, who paid off nearly $100,000 in debt and became financially independent. If you enjoy learning through anecdotes and seeing how to directly apply financial advice to your daily life, you'll find this blog helpful.

16)Mint Life


Mint is one of the most popular personal finance apps/programs out there, so it makes sense that the Mint Life blog would make the list. Mint Life is a nicely designed blog that features posts on everything from choosing life insurance to how to save up a $1,000 emergency fund quickly.

Whether or not you use Mint's program, the Mint Life blog is worth signing up for.

17)The Billfold


The Billfold is a charming blog that wants to remove the idea that money issues should be difficult to discuss. This blog is very candid, casual and really gets right down to the basics of healthy finances. It covers the basics of how to save, how to spend smart and how to get your debt paid off.

18)1,500 Days to Freedom


1,500 Days to Freedom is another personal blog turned finance blog, written by a family man who wanted to become debt-free with a $1,000,000 portfolio within 1,500 days. In the end, he not only accomplished his goal — he surpassed it.

If you're interested in achieving a financial goal, this blog is loaded with motivating content.

19)Money Saving Mom


Money Saving Mom is a blog to help families get their finances under control. This blog was started by Crystal Paine in 2006 as a place to help people save money on groceries through couponing.

The blog has grown tremendously since it’s conception and is a wonderful website for anyone with a family interested in frugal living.

Regardless of your current financial situation, your future goals or your age, there is a financial blog that can help you.

By taking advantage of the beneficial and free information via these featured blogs and coupling it with the assistance of a reputable institution like Vantage Bank Texas, you can begin turning your finances around and achieve financial freedom.