COVID-19 and PPP Loan Forgiveness Update

Actualización sobre COVID-19 y el Programa de Protección de Nóminas

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At Vantage Bank Texas, we’re always searching for opportunities to support local, non-profit organizations. To ensure a mutually beneficial relationship, we have established the following guidelines for donation and sponsorship requests.


While we seek to support a wide range of community needs, donations will generally be made to organizations that have the greatest opportunity for positively affecting the communities Vantage Bank Texas serves.

The following guidelines are used to prioritize donations:

  • Serves the communities in which Vantage Bank Texas has, or anticipates having, a significant presence
  • Enhances business development opportunities for the company
  • Can be actively supported by Vantage Bank Texas employees as volunteers or as donors Cost-effective and likely to be sustainable; able to measure results


  • Only community organizations and/or civic organizations qualify for monetary donations.
  • The event/organization must be located or provide service in an Vantage Bank Texas service area.
  • Purpose of sponsorship or donation request must, in some way, be of benefit to the surrounding community.
  • Must provide positive exposure consistent with the Vantage Bank Texas brand.
  • Must offer an opportunity to reach targeted audiences.


The following types of requests fall outside of our guidelines to be considered for support:

  • Requests from political groups and/or organizations
  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • Requests from third party to raise funds for another charity


Vantage Bank Texas' Charitable Contributions & Sponsorships Committee reviews sponsorship requests at the start of every quarter. Any request received thereafter will be presented for review and for consideration.

Required Documents

  • Request Letter
  • Donation Request Form
  • W9 form signed by the organization