COVID-19 and PPP Loan Forgiveness Update

Actualización sobre COVID-19 y el Programa de Protección de Nóminas

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From sole proprietors to large companies and everyone in between, Vantage Bank Texas offers several account options to accommodate growing businesses of all sizes.

Vantage Business Checking LEARN MORE

Let your small business grow with a flexible checking account that let’s you access your money as you need it with maximum convenience and low thresholds to avoid service fees. Use the free of charge transactions per month to help grow your business and maximize your cash-on-hand.


Vantage Commercial Checking LEARN MORE

Built for the mid-sized business customer with moderate transactional activity and balances in deposit. 300 free transactions per month provides you with a high range of activity without additional transaction fees to manage your business.


Vantage Business Interest Checking LEARN MORE

Earn interest in an account designed for the business that does not require many bank transactions on a day-to-day basis. With a low monthly service fee and a low minimum balance required to avoid a service fee, this account works well for a business that needs to perform some transactions every month but not many.


Vantage Analysis Checking LEARN MORE

Ideal for the business and commercial customer with dynamic cash flow. Offset transaction fees with higher balances using our Earnings Credit. Take advantage of our robust and easy-to-use treasury management products and services to increase efficiency.


Vantage Business Money Market LEARN MORE

Earn more interest with greater balances while keeping your cash liquid. Maintain the flexibility to perform a few transactions each month while earning a competitive rate of interest on your business’ hard-earned money.


Certificate of Deposit LEARN MORE

Enjoy tiered interest rates flexible terms, and earn higher rate of return with a Certificate of Deposit (CD) from Vantage Bank Texas.

Vantage Business Checking
Vantage Commercial Checking
Vantage Analysis Checking
Vantage Business Interest Checking
Vantage Business Money Market
Minimum Initial Deposit $100 $100 $100 $100 $100
Monthly Service Charge $15 $15 $15 $15 $15
To avoid the monthly account service charge, the following minimum average daily balance must be met: $2,500 $5,500 Earnings Credit Rate may offset monthly account service charge (2) $1,500 $2,500
Monthly per item fee 175 transaction items per month free of charge. $0.30 each for transaction items over 175. 300 transaction items per month free of charge. $0.30 each for transaction items over 300. Debits posted (each) $0.20. Credits posted (each) $0.20. Items deposited (each) $0.15. 75 transaction items per month free of charge. $0.30 per transaction items over 75. 6 transfers/withdrawals per month free of charge. $15 per transactions in excess of 6 per month.
Free E-Statement with images Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paper Statement with images $3 $3 $3 $3 $3
Unlimited Check Writing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free First Order of 40 Bank Stock Checks Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Overdraft Privilege Available (3) (based on approval) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • ATM services are free at Vantage Bank Texas locations and at ATM locations worldwide displaying the Allpoint logo. Conversion and cross border fees may apply. A $3 fee will apply for withdrawals made at non-Vantage Bank Texas ATM locations. Other fees may be charged by ATM owner.

  • The value of balances maintained during the analysis period which can be used to offset Balance Compensable Service Charges. (Investable Balance x Earnings Credit Rate x (Days in Month / Days in Year)

  • Overdraft privilege terms and conditions may apply.