COVID-19 and PPP Loan Forgiveness Update

Actualización sobre COVID-19 y el Programa de Protección de Nóminas

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Let Vantage Bank Texas' financial strength back you up during your negotiations with suppliers. A letter of credit from Vantage Bank Texas will enable your business to purchase goods, assuring payment to a seller.

Commercial Letters of Credit

Oftentimes used for international trade transactions, a Commercial Letter of Credit from Vantage Bank Texas will help you increase the bottom line by allowing you to find new and more competitive suppliers from around the world.

With the backing of Vantage Bank Texas, your supplier will rest assured that they will receive payment.

Standby Letter of Credit

A Standby Letter of Credit is a guarantee of payment issued by Vantage Bank Texas on your behalf. Used as a sign of good faith in business transactions, Standby Letters of Credit from Vantage Bank Texas are proof of your credit worthiness and repayment abilities.

Terms & Requirements

  • Letters of credit are typically secured by a certificate of deposit. (exceptions may apply)
  • Competitive variable and fixed rates
  • Pay no interest until funds are drawn
  • Payment terms may vary

General Requirements

  • Satisfactory Credit History (business and personal)
  • Existing business with 2 full years of business history (exceptions may apply)
  • Financial statements are required (inclusive of tax returns, debt schedule, and/or any pertinent information). Download a Personal Financial Statement Template here.

Contact an experienced Vantage Bank Texas lender for more information on letters of credit.