COVID-19 and PPP Loan Forgiveness Update

Actualización sobre COVID-19 y el Programa de Protección de Nóminas

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On June 10, 2020, the FBI warned people to be aware of scams that claim to provide contact tracing for COVID-19. “Contact tracing” is a process used by health department investigators to support COVID-19 patients and warn contacts of potential exposure to stop the chain of transmission. People exposed to COVID-19 are notified and advised to practice social distancing.

The FBI says scammers are creating malicious apps and sending text messages pretending to offer contact tracing, much like the example given below. The apps embedded in the text messages contain malware which enables cybercriminals to access their victim’s personal information.

Scammers may use the name of an individual their victim knows to disarm their victim emotionally and make the scam appear more real.

DO NOT download a contact tracing app from a text message you may receive on your cell phone. Text messages from real case investigators will NOT include an app to download.

It is important, now more than ever, to be as vigilant as possible to combat such attempts. To protect our customers and community members, visit the following website for information on common frauds and scams related to COVID-19, as well as resources on how to deal with them.